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Meet Our Residents

Sam Zachary, Resident since March 2007
Sam Zachary In a Sunday school lesson I was studying, the writer was discussing and defining the word, Shalom. He pointed out that there is no single word in our English language that carries the full meaning of that wonderful Hebrew expression. We usually translate it as peace. But it means far more than that. He put it this way: "Shalom is where peace blends with safety and wholeness without need."

Peace, safety and wholeness without need. That almost exactly describes my experience at Arbor Acres. The only thing I might add to that is 'wonderful new friends.' Arbor Acres is my Shalom.
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Elizabeth Callari, Resident since September 2004
Elizabeth Callari The first time I walked through the Lakeside glass doors of Arbor Acres, there was a sense of calm, comfort and friendliness. Everyone called each other by name and there was obvious respect. The second time, the same thing happened! Then I knew I'd be making a life-altering decision. The staff taps into your strong and passionate abilities and then offers that expertise to other residents.
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Doris Whitt, Resident since April 2007
Doris Whitt On the day I moved into Arbor Acres, there was a knock at the door and my new next door neighbor invited me to have lunch with her. A staff hostess greeted us, called me by name, and seated us with some lovely people.

It was the beginning of a warm and friendly experience that has been an ongoing wonderful adventure. It didn't take long at all to feel I belonged here. When I walk down the hall, it is like a small town where everybody knows everybody. Now, I'm an officer in the Arbor Acres Resident council. That didn't take long!
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Judy Hardy, Resident since August 2011
Judy Hardy I had an active life before moving to Arbor Acres, and I expected changes in my lifestyle -- but that hasn’t happened! I’m just as involved as I’ve always been. I’m still president of my garden club, I still tutor…now it’s an 8 year old boy with dyslexia,  and I still enjoy entertaining a lot.

At Arbor Acres, I serve on the resident council, volunteer with the new resident welcome committee, and help organize the walking groups for Arbor Acres’ fitness program.  

Well, there IS one change!   Now I don’t have to maintain my home – it’s all done by the efficient staff at Arbor Acres. And that gives me more time to do all the things I love.

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