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Resident Council

Resident Council officers pictured left to right: Harry Heilig, Hampton Lefler, Jean Cooper, and Charles Duckett.
Arbor Acres

Resident Council Officers:
  • Charles Duckett, President
  • Jean Cooper, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Hampton Lefler, Vice President 
  • Harry Heilig, President-Elect

A strong and active Resident Council is vital to the health of the community.

The Resident Council is composed of representatives who provide information to residents and give voice to their concerns, ideas, perspectives, and needs.

The Council works closely with Arbor Acres’ administration and Board of Directors to assure active resident involvement in decisions that impact resident life.  The President of the Resident Council serves as a full member of the Arbor Acres Board of Directors.

Many of the activities of the Council occur through resident committees including: the Wellness  Committee; the Library Committee; the Dining Committee; the Recreations Advisory Committee; and the resident Finance Committee.