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Lifelong Learning: The Live and Learn Series

What happens when you take 480 vibrant, accomplished, intelligent, energetic, passionate people and put them together? Here at Arbor Acres, that is how our  new committee, Live and Learn, was born.

The 12-member Live and Learn committee is made up of residents and one advisor who is the retired Provost Emeritus of Wake Forest University.   The committee meets regularly, has established its own goals, and has swept the campus of Arbor Acres with new, exciting and stimulating lectures.

Recently an article in the Wall Street Journal (December 13, 2013), discussed retirees’ recent trend of “flocking to university towns.”  The idea, to continue the enrichment and knowledge paths to which many are accustomed. 

Interested residents participated in a survey to determine topics of interest.  The feedback was so extensive, it will be at least five years before we can cover all of the requested areas for consideration!    

Our presentations so far include:

(1)   “Islam, Egypt and the Middle EastHow Did We Get Where We Are Today?”     This fascinating lecture was brought to us through Dr. Nelly van Doorn-Harder, Professor of Islamic Studies in the Department of Religion at Wake Forest University.  Specializing in Islam, Middle East Christianity, and Islam in Southeast Asia, her lecture helped residents understand exactly how the relationships that exist today were formed.

(2) The Cutting Edge of Music – presented by Maestro Robert Moody.  Never mind that Dr. Moody had broken his leg in two places two weeks before his lecture.  He tantalized his audience with musical history as well as the current trends we are witnessing today. 

(3) The Cutting Edge of Medicine – presented by Dr. Anthony Atala.  One need only “Google” this world famous physician to understand exactly how cutting edge his research is.  What residents found incredible was his ability to put his research and data into “everyday” language that was both interesting and exciting.

(4) The Cutting Edge of Technology – presented by Dr. David Carroll.  This lecture was nothing short of a playback of the once popular Jetsons television series. Wearing shirts that can detect infection?  Inserting chips into one’s wrist to identify where cancer might be hiding?  Jogging suits with markers to better control one’s gait? Dr. Carroll covered it all.    

(5) The Cutting Edge of Religion – presented by Dr. Bill Leonard.  As a faith based community, this wonderful history of the church and all the facets of Christianity was of special interest to the residents.  Dr. Leonard was hugely entertaining and vastly knowledgeable in his field. 

Arbor Acres University is open and enrolling as we speak, and we hope you will join in our fun!

Click here for a complete list of Live and Learn and other activities in the latest edition of the Arbor Lamplighter.

Click here for a complete list of Live and Learn and other activities in the latest edition of the Arbor Lamplighter.