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New! Sculpting Studio

Most of us recall our joy as children when we stumble across really good mud puddle. There we engaged in some of our first artistic ventures, sculpting mud pies out of cool wert clay. Molding the earth is a primal, and for some, a lifelong experience.

Recently, Arbor Acres' residents have been revisiting this experience albeit in a far more sophisticated and artful manner. Last year, cognizant of the healing effects of engaging the hands with clay, Sophie Cody began a movement to bring sculpture classes to Arbor Acres. First: creating a new sculpting studio. Second: classes.

Enter Tom Ogburn, a student of sculptor Earline heath King, who agreed to lend his time and talent to teach this ancient art to our residents. Enrollment has been so strong that through Tom’s generosity a second series of classes is being taught. Thanks to Sophie, Tom, and many others who donated time, treasure, talent, and supplies to enable our residents to rediscover in late life the childhood thrill of playing in the mud.