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Great Minds

Now you have time for all that interests you. Arbor Acres makes it exciting and convenient. Challenge your mind.
Arbor Acres

A multitude of resources and choices for keeping an active mind:

  • Resident librarian
  • Community library
  • Special magnification equipment and other resources for the visually impaired
  • Computer lab
  • Computer classes

You can join the Arbor Acres Resident Council Library Committee, led by Arbor Acres' Resident Librarian, where great minds assure that the magazines, newspapers, classics and contemporary novels and films are current and interesting.

Then, join a group attending a lecture at one of our local universities, museums, theaters, or art galleries.

When you are done with all this learning, join your friends at the computer lab, research your hobby, check your e-mail and laugh about what you just might discover.

Come together, stretch your mind, seek out Arbor Acres' vast lifestyle and amenity options.