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The Arts at Arbor Acres

Art envelops you, art invigorates you.
At Arbor Acres, art surrounds you.
Arbor Acres

Experience the Arts:
  • Sculpting classes
  • Art studio
  • Musical revues
  • Shepherd's Singers
  • Sharps & Flats
  • Numerous art galleries
  • Theatrical & musical performances

From visual arts to performing arts, Arbor Acres celebrates and appreciates the arts in all its forms.

The Arbor Acres art collection brings beauty, meaning, and nourishment to the soul of every resident.  You will see them everywhere you look, windows into imagination and spiritual depth.  As a resident, your heart will be touched daily by art.

Arbor Acres' residents delight in live theater production-residents and staff sharing their musical and theatrical talent for the joy of it.  Whether performing or watching others perform, you will fall under a magical spell that enriches this community.

Trips to the symphony, to ballets, to local University of NC School of the Arts productions-these too touch artist in the soul of every resident.

Painting, sculpting, sewing, crafts, singing, dancing, acting, or writing-whatever your art, Arbor Acres offers you the time and place for it.