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Andrew Applegate, President, since 2016
Arbor Acres Staff

For nearly 30 years I have had the opportunity to be involved in a vocation where my gifts, my calling and even my weakness have found a home.  My greatest desire as a leader is to create environments where  an individual’s mission and passion comes together to achieve a bigger purpose.  My mantra as of late has been “At Arbor Acres, we set the stage for life’s next great performance”.  To me, each of us is looking for the opportunity to play the unique role we were created to play.  Seeing the wonderful expressions of residents and our artist staff’s unique art coming together to create something bigger and beautiful is what sets Arbor Acres apart from the rest.

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Ken Boyles, Vice-President/Chief Financial Officer, Since 2006
Arbor Acres Staff Keeping the finances in order is a challenge for an organization such as ours. My staff and I are involved with the numbers and the details which are an essential part of maintaining the financial viability of any organization. My responsibility at Arbor Acres comes down to seeing that the dollars get into the right bucket as they are received, come out of the right bucket as they are spent and to be sure the bucket does not get empty. 

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Kathy Gwyn, Vice President of Health Services/Administrator, Since 2001
Arbor Acres Staff
I do not feel anyone could find a more rewarding type of nursing than long term care.  The impact that you make in a resident's life or with a family member in any given day can make an impression that may last a lifetime.  I am so proud to be part of the Arbor Acres family. 

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Lynn Ross, Director of Marketing Arts, Since 2002
Arbor Acres Staff I love my job. My favorite part? Meeting the folks who are considering one of the most important changes in their lives, relating to them, developing a relationship with them, understanding their needs as they consider a move into a retirement community, and explaining all Arbor Acres has to offer. Mostly though, I love hearing their life stories. That never ceases to fascinate me. 

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Les Cranfill, Director of Environmental Arts, Since 1993
Arbor Acres Staff Over the many years I've been at Arbor Acres, I've made great friends here. Colleagues, yes, but mostly with a resident population that appreciates what we can do for them, whether they've lived here one year or twenty. One of my greatest joys is working alongside new residents, creating the home they want as they enter and helping them transition to a new lifestyle.

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Orielle Hope, Director of Talent Arts, Since 2016
Arbor Acres Staff
Inspiring people is what I do! Arbor Acres creates an environment for our Artists (employees) to develop their full potential. My role as Director of Talent Arts allows me to help motivate our staff to be the best Artist they can be while providing excellent customer service to our residents. 

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Denni Peebles, Director of Philanthropic Arts, Since 2013
Arbor Acres Staff
The words “philanthropic arts” just sound beautiful.  My responsibilities include making sure all residents live life fully and no one ever has to leave…and that is a beautiful thing.  It means serving those with financial resources as well as those who have nothing.  While I am finding ways to engage the community in our mission and support our $1.3 million financial assistance need, I am also interacting with the most delightful people you can imagine and enjoying fellowship that is fulfilling and rewarding.  Keep reading on our website and you will see exactly what I mean.

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Hannah Jessup (and Drex), Director of Arborview, Since 2014
Arbor Acres Staff My love for aging services started when I was a young girl who frequently asked her mom, "What day this month are we going to the nursing home?" I loved volunteering. This was the beginning of the path that would one day bring me to Arbor Acres. I have a close work companion, Drex. He is a service dog through Canine Companions for Independence. He works alongside me, has his own duties and responsibilities, and possesses powers of perception that enable him to serve as a loving companion for people who have dementia. My passion is to foster living for those with dementia that is purposeful and meaningful.

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Erin Scott, Marketing Arts Specialist, Since 2007
Arbor Acres Staff
What a wonderful place to work (and live)!  The daily interaction with residents and staff is priceless. Both times I was out on maternity leave, not a day went by that I didn't receive an inspirational card or note from a resident.  Who wouldn't want this many grandmas and grandpas?  How lucky I am!!!

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Annie Lawson, Concierge, Since 2008
Arbor Acres Staff
If I don't know the answer, I will try to find it. Working at the main desk you have to enjoy people and I do. I love meeting all the smiling faces interested in living here. I adore getting to see so many of the folks that already call Arbor Acres home and most of all helping make sure they are enjoying this time in their lives. This is a great place to work and I thrive being in a position where I get to know, love, and hopefully make a difference for so many.  

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Jami Gerard, Fitness Coordinator, Since 2015
Arbor Acres Staff
Exercise, whether it is on land or in the water, has always been a big part of my life. I am very thankful to be able to work at Arbor Acres and promote healthy and active living to our residents. Regular physical activity can produce long term health benefits, and it's never too late to start!

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Susan Smart, Asbury Place Continuing Care Arts Manager, Since 2001
Arbor Acres Staff
As Continuing Care Arts manager, my job is to provide support to residents and their families. I enjoy assisting residents with getting the services they need or want. I provide guidance with transitioning residents through the continuum of care. My goal is to make sure each resident is in the right place to receive the care that they require to flourish. In this role for 14 years, Arbor Acres has fed my soul and allowed me to practice my art. I treasure being a part of the Arbor Acres family.

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Joel Motsinger, Independent Living Continuing Care Arts Manager, Since 2015
Arbor Acres Staff
It is truly amazing to hear so many life stories and experiences!  Every resident at Arbor Acres is an unique individual and my goal is to see every one of them enjoy life at the highest possible level of emotional, physical and social well-being.   Whether it's for residents or their family, I'm here to answer any question.  Every day, Arbor Acres proves it is a special place, with special people. 

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Sandra Thomas, Strickland Place at Fitzgerald Continuing Care Arts Manager, Since 2015
Arbor Acres Staff
I have worked with older adults in long term care for over 20 years and am proud to be a part of the Arbor Acres team.  I strive to continue the tradition of excellence that Arbor Acres stands for.  Serving the residents and their families is extremely rewarding and I love working with all different types of people.

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